Measuring & marking Seth Gould Tool Makers

Seth Gould (Metalsmith)

SETH GOULD straight
Some fine work over at Seth Gould’s site in the US. Clearly a very skilled gentleman, Seth not only crafts some superb metal artisan tools, but extends his skills to fine lock work, such as the one pictured after the jump. His measuring tools are especially lovely I think, particularly the ones with inlay. Personally though, I think I’ll make do with my old £10 fleaBay dividers and save my money for a plunge saw I need!
SETH GOULD straight+(detail)
SETH GOULD jewellers saw
SETH GOULD saw+NG+detail

Doucette & Wolfe Practical techniques Youtube

Doucette & Wolfe on Youtube

If, like myself, you’re into cabinet making, then you’re probably already aware of the wonderful Youtube videos from the cabinet makers Doucette & Wolfe.
These guys are in a class of their own. I mean, it’s not even funny. The precision with which they build is a real inspiration. You can tell they really enjoy it!
Check out their videos (there are a lot of great ones, but click on the ones that mention ‘build’ in the title, as some videos only show the final piece).

A while ago I put up a post about using sash planes and got a lot of people mailing me about it. I think there’s a real interest in traditional window and door making at the moment, as is clearly evident by LAP’s latest re-print.
On a recent D&W video I watched, there’s a great bit 9:50 in, where the guy pushes together two glazing bars he’s made, with hand cut 4-way half lap mitres on. It’s a real nerdy treat and maybe sums up why we love the idea of crafting doors or windows in or on our houses.
I hope these guys never stop posting these videos. I’d love to drop by for real one day.