Stanley 98 and 99 side rabbet planes

Stanley 99 & 98 side rebate planes
Stanley 99 & 98 side rebate planes_2
Just thought I’d post pics of a couple of new acquisitions. First up, a pair of Stanley 99 and 98 side rabbet planes. Each plane is only 4″ long and 1/2″ wide, with manufacturing dates ranging from 1896-1942. I’ve been looking for a nice pair of these for a while, but the price has always put me off. Enough to make me buy more essential tools. Recently though, I had these bundled in with a job lot offered to me, which made them cheap.
The planes are great for running down the insides of rebates, dados or any other grooves. The little blades on each plane are held in place with small finger-tightened clamps, and you run the plane sole, (more like a narrow plough plane skate, really) along the face inside the rebate.
Stanley introduced the ’98’ first and followed up with the ’99’. There’s also a small depth stop at the front, which was introduced in 1930.
[warning]Tool Nerd Alert! The rosewood knobs on these planes are frequently sacrificed to replace knobs on a Stanley No.1 plane, a much more expensive tool. However, the nut that holds the knob captive on the 98 and 99 is nickel coated, not a brass nut.[/warning]