Hackney Tool Makers

Shoreditch Wood Turning Co.

Mike Butcher forwarded some photos of local interest to me of an oak occasional table he had recently purchased. Badged by the maker ‘Shoreditch Wood Turning Co, 147 Hackney Road’. This was no doubt a thriving little business at one point, (although now the premises are occupied by a bicycle shop). Anyone know how long this business was around for?
Shoreditch Wood Turning Co_2
Shoreditch Wood Turning Co_3
I recently posted some pictures of Maurice Franklin who still works as a turner on the road and further up (at 267-271),’Traditional Stairs and Spindles’ still remains, which seems to be doing good business. Halfway between them both, the sprawling behemoth ‘D.J.Simons’ is still shifting tons of picture frames in and out of it’s doors. It’s nice to see these businesses adapting and managing to thrive in an area that is now squeezed by so many other factors.