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Paul Sellers on crosscut saw sharpening

Paul Seller crosscut saw sharpening
Paul Sellers is always worth a watch in my book and slowly I’m finding more and more reasons to sign up for his Woodworking Masterclasses. My lack of available space to put anything into practice is the only thing that holds me back. I know once I have watched his Tool Cupboard series I would be dying to make it.
For the time being, the free video about sharpening crosscut saws is of interest, especially the idea of using a paper template for the sharpening angle.
It’s worth scrolling through Paul’s videos, because he done a lot and a good proportion are free.

Lie Nielsen


I recently purchased a Lie Nielsen Honing Guide. I really love the build quality, but I’m getting a poor result with my sharpening.
I’m hoping that by putting this out to the ‘hive mind’ of the internet, someone might be able to help me identify my problem.
I’ve checked the jaws of the tool close tightly, (they do) and they also close without any wayward flexing or offset.
When I clamp a chisel in the jaws, the chisel is perfectly square, as you can see in the photo.
However, after some sharpening, the honing is definitely not square.
Am I doing something wrong here?
Lie Nielsen Honing Guide problem_2
Lie Nielsen Honing Guide problem_1
I really want this to be my ‘go to’ system and I have two very decent diamond stones which I’m pleased with for the actual cutting. I just want to move away from freehand sharpening and I figured this would be a good guide. However, I’m wary about buying to extra set of jaws I need for some different chisels, before I can rectify this problem.
Hope someone out there can advise.
Thanks, Gary


Old-school sharpening station

There seems to be no end to the sharpening discussion in the woodworking community. I guess people just have a bit too much time and money on their hands these days, and some decide they need that dovetailed maple and cherry sharpening station in their lives. Me? I find myself more impressed with the guy who built this into his old bench. Need a sharpen? Pull it out. Sharpen. Get back to work. End of.


College course: Day 10

Didn’t get a massive amount done on Friday, although I did grind the iron of a new (old) Stanley No.6, which came out very well. Please imagine the wheel moving for a good half an hour, as I stare into space, with the music of Tony Hart’s ‘gallery’ theme playing along…