The Shaper Origin Handheld CNC

Shaper Origin_2
This is interesting. This is really interesting. We’ve had a few CNC shops close to us in east London for some time now, but they are mainly focused on large cutting processes for furniture, such as Unto This Last, or they are a shop that happens to have the equipment and they pick up outsourced projects and handle their production and delivery, such as the Open Desk project.
I picked info up on this on Twitter from Linn at Darbin Orvar. If you haven’t seen Linn’s projects (mainly on Youtube), you really should. She is an incredibly productive and creative maker.
The video she referenced was this one, which is a channel called Applied Science, (can’t find the guy’s name) and he is using this incredible tool called the Shaper Origin.
It uses a trim router, which you install, then you give it tracking with labels on your work, so it can find and track it’s x-y axis. The most incredible thing is, it sort of takes the slack out of the problem, by smoothing out the natural human wiggles and jiggles as you try to cut.
Shaper Origin_3
Anyway, watch the video when you have time. I’m sure this tool and many more like it, will form a major part of the next wave of tools designed to augment the work we do.
Shaper Origin_1