Paul Sellers Practical techniques

Sawhorse project

I’m very pleased with the way my sawhorses are coming together. They are from a design by Paul Sellers, who has a great, methodical walk-through on his website. From relatively cheap stuff (4×2) from the local yard, you end up with some substantial and well-made sawhorses, which are definitely a cut above the B&Q plastic rubbish.
This sawhorse is halfway through. I have to put gussets on the ends for strength and level up the legs, but the sawhorse is already rock solid. The design calls for a two-part compound cut, one for the fore/aft rake, (which you make on the top), and another one on the legs, (to create the leg flare). When these two angles come together as a joint, I must say it is very, very satisfying. For reasons I won’t go into, I had to cut my joints balancing on a bit of garden furniture, but they still clicked into place!
If you want to make some workshop items that will last, that are environmentally a little more sound and that are just fun to make, I would definitely recommend this project.