Disston Hand Tools Saws

Disston ’76’ Centennial Skew Back Saw

Sold to a fellow in the summer, but he decided he didn’t want it, so I bought it back! Stunning rare saw, 28″ long, skew back with 4 t.p.i. Needs a clean and a sharpen. Nothing will be safe with this bad boy on the loose.

Disston '76' Centennial Skewback Saw_1
Disston '76' Centennial Skewback Saw_2
Disston '76' Centennial Skewback Saw_3
Disston '76' Centennial Skewback Saw_4

See The ‘Disstonian Insititute‘ for full info.

Introduced in 1876, the Disston No. 76 “Centennial” handsaw was a hybrid of the No. 7 and a brand new model, the D-8. The D-8 or No. 80 “Choice” — as it was labeled for a time, featured a “skew” back and an applewood handle. The No. 76 took some of its features from the unique D-8 model, but retained the feel of the older designs with a handle that keeps the user’s hand farther from the blade. It has the shape of the handle used on No. 7 saws that were 28″ and longer, with the smooth cut-out on the top for more comfortable two-handed use. The No. 76 was sold until about 1920. It’s not nearly so commonly found as the No. 7, D-8, or even the No. 12 models.


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