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Moseley & Simpson?

One of the most-read posts on Hackney Tools is about the life of tool maker John Moseley.
A reader of the blog got in touch recently about a pair of mortice chisels he had been given and the name stamp in ‘Moseley & Simpson’. I wondered if anyone might know more about this partnership, as I don’t unfortunately.
If you have any info, please post it here in the comments section, it would be interesting to know when and where Mr.Simpson got involved.

John Moseley & Sons Moulding planes

John Moseley ‘bead cluster’ plane

Moseley Cluster Bead _4
Moseley Cluster Bead _1
Moseley Cluster Bead _2
Moseley Cluster Bead _3
Very pleased to have sourced this rare plane. Now I finally have it in my hand, it’s very interesting indeed. It’s a ‘bead cluster’, or ‘cluster bead’, depending on who you’re talking to. The iron cuts a series of stepped rounds, piled on top of one another, probably best shown by this picture I found on the web.
I’m already a fan of John Moseley, largely due to the London connection, but also because his planes are so precise and well-made. I would like to know more about how and where the moulding this plane produces is used. I figure in fine casework certainly. Perhaps over a shutting joint, where one might have used a rebated astragal or similar, this would give an elegant alternative?
Any info gratefully received. At the price I paid for this, I won’t be posting any pictures of the plane in use, which goes totally against my philosophy of tools having to be used. Ho-hum, you make rules, you break them.

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