Tool sales on the website

First post in a while, because I’ve been concentrating on setting up pages dedicated to selling tools on my own site. Ebay’s charges are getting pretty heavy, so I figure I’ll start migrating now. Over the next few months I’ll be adding items to my site, and seeing how things go. I’ll continue with eBay for some items, and will flag those up on the blog, whenever they go on. Happy 2013!


Liberty Tools

Over at Hackney Tools, if we had to try and write a manifesto for our beliefs, it would just be a direct transcript of the words of H.G ‘Skip’ Brack, of Liberty Tools in Maine, U.S.A. In our modern, commercialized world, it’s now common to see people intimidated by the idea of fixing or making things themselves. But as Skip says, people are so happy when they even glaze their own windows with a putty knife, rather than employ someone to do it. God bless H.G ‘Skip’ Brack, and all those like him. Find tools. Learn about tools. Use tools!