Practical techniques

Joshua Klein ‘The Workbench Diary’

One of the woodworking blogs I always make sure I check out is Joshua Klein’s ‘The Workbench Diary’. Joshua hails from Maine in the US and concentrates on historical furniture restoration. Just recently he has also started making his own furniture.
Joshua has posted a nice piece about making your own hide glue (and a cheap glue warmer too, if you’re interested). Anyone serious about making furniture that can be disassembled for repair should take note. Hide glue is definitely the way to go, as the joint can be taken apart with some heat and hot water at any time, (something not possible with modern PVA’s).
If you don’t want to go the full nine yards with dissolving and heating hide glue pellets, I would also recommend the excellent ‘Ol Brown Glue‘ from Patrick Edwards, another liquid hide glue but in a bottle that can be heated by putting the whole bottle into warm water. A lot of people also recommend Franklin Liquid Hide Glue. Main thing is, if you’ve spent a few months making a beautiful piece, you need it to be reversible.