G.Miller Shoulder planes

Another G.Miller shoulder plane (I think?)

The features of this plane lead me to believe (or hope), that this is by G.Miller, a favourite English planemaker of mine. I’m fortunate enough to already own two of his planes and the build quality is superb, not to forget the beautifully flamboyant touches here and there.

None so fancy as this gunmetal shoulder plane with ebony inserts and a ‘whale-tail’ wedge. The most striking feature being the ‘rhino-horn’ central infill, which thankfully made it through the UK postal system unbroken.

I’ve yet to pop the wedge and clean and sharpen the blade. No makers marks on this one, but Miller was known not to stamp all his planes.

G.Miller Shoulder planes

G.Miller shoulder planes

Quick post about two lovely shoulder planes I recently found. The maker is G.Miller, of 24 Ampton St, Grays Inn Road, London. He was active at this address between 1890 and 1914. Miller, late to plane-making, concentrated mainly on shoulder planes, but his chariot planes are also lovely, and a little rarer. Miller did not always add his stamp and indeed only the smaller plane of these two is marked. The shoulder planes are made from gunmetal, which was typical of Miller’s style, with a thin steel sole ‘sweated’ on with silver solder. The infills on the planes are made from ebony.

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