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Les Outils De Bois (Wooden Tools)

I recently found this amazing movie, which I thought I should share. (I wish I could save it, in case in disappears. However, as with most things on the internet, I’ll just have to link and hope someone has future-proofed it). Here is also a link to some of the tools they have made and some stills from the movie.

The video itself is made in the workshop of father and son team, Werner and Eric Raggenbass in Geneva, Switzerland. It was filmed in 1979, although the quality of the film and the characters somehow make it look like it hasn’t changed from when it was built, in 1896. If I could describe my perfect workplace, it would probably be in a workshop like this, hanging out with these dudes.

The film was directed by Pierre Barde, for the French part of the Swiss Broadcasting company. He was assisted by Rose-Claire Schule, Brigitte Bachmann-Geiser, Arnold Niederer, Jacques Tagini, Paul Puhl, André Jeanneret, Bernard Crettaz.