Hackney Practical techniques

D.i.y Dad

Ok, half-term has arrived, and so instead of building nice storage cabinets for some of my tools, I’m getting on with my kitchen renovation. Apologies for lack of blog posts over the last couple of weeks. I’ve been sorting plumbers and electricians and have myself been starting on the floor.
I plan to put down parquet blocks, so have been stripping off the old lino and the thin, flaky chipboard underneath. To replace it, I’ve been advised a good base for parquet is 9mm ply. I’ve been screwing that down with 6″ centres over the whole kitchen.
Nearly finished now, but if I ever see another 4x25mm brass wood screw, it will be too soon. I was feeling very smug when I got a good deal on the ply and the smile has gradually disappeared from my face as I’ve realised how much I’ve spent on decent screws.
The parquet will be reclaimed from an old 1930’s school in Broadstairs and will be a nice long 12″ by 3″ Columbian Pine block. Quite excited to see how this is going to turn out.
I might blog a few pics as I move through the project, but the kitchen has made me realise how much I could have done myself, if only I had the gear and space to work. Apart from the fact I could have made new cabinets all round, I could have custom-fitted everything, instead of relying on the slightly wacky sizes from Ikea and such.
Oh well. Anything should be an improvement. The kitchen was in need of a revamp when we moved in, and now I realise that was seven years ago!
One tool I would very much like to have is a Festool TS55, for cutting the border of the parquet back and general tomfoolery with trying to make units for the walls. Wish they weren’t so expensive though.