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Curtis Buchanan – Chair Maker

Curtis 9

Curtis Buchanan makes chairs. I wanted to write about it because Curtis has very kindly posted 51 videos online, documenting the build of just one of his stunning Windsor comb-back chairs. The extraordinary time it takes to make one chair and the detail he lavishes on making every element fit correctly is a real education. Curtis’s Tennessee drawl and ‘matter-of-fact’ way of working is addictive viewing. I hope he does more of these tutorials.

Some screenshots from the videos below:
Curtis 1
Curtis 2
Curtis 3
Curtis 4
Curtis 5
Curtis 6
Curtis 7
Curtis 8

*UPDATE* Caleb James will soon have plans available for Curtis’s Continuous Arm Chair.

Brian Boggs

Brian Boggs – ‘Chairmaker’s Journal’ and ‘Class Manuals’

I won’t have any tools for sale during December, due to some insane schedules in my ‘day job’ as an art director on a magazine. However, I’ve been taking the time to see what’s out there on the web in terms of practical woodwork instruction. I’m very interested in how woodworking is taught through good use of visual language.
I stumbled on the ‘Chairmaker’s Journal‘ section of the Brian Boggs website last night and it’s well worth a blog post.

A sample of the posts from the 'Chairmaker's Journal' section of the Brian Boggs website.
A sample of the posts from the ‘Chairmaker’s Journal’ section of the Brian Boggs website.

The journal is a very well laid out section of the site, with lovely detailed pics, excellent graphics and detailed descriptions of how to build chairs. The blogger for the journal section is Jeff Lefkowitz, you can follow him on Twitter as @jlefky, (who also took the shot I have used above of the parts laid out for the student Rocker chair project).
Jeff also mentioned the class manuals that he designs. If you take a chairmaking class with Brian or Jeff, you will get one of these manuals to refer to and to take notes in.
Copyright Brian Boggs Chairmakers
Copyright Brian Boggs Chairmakers

You can see the manuals here. Good, clear, graphic design. Nice one Jeff.