Mathieson Mitre plane Planes

Mathieson mitre plane

Here are some pics of a beautiful plane I picked up yesterday. A Mathieson mitre plane in fine condition. It has the original Mathieson snecked iron and a mouth that is so tight you can barely see light when the blade is in. A stunning plane for any collector, especially one who collects this maker. if you are interested in buying this plane, please get in touch at Sensible offers only please.
Mathieson Mitre Plane_1
Mathieson Mitre Plane_2
Mathieson Mitre Plane_3
Mathieson Mitre Plane_4
Mathieson Mitre Plane_5
Mathieson Mitre Plane_6
Mathieson Mitre Plane_7
Mathieson Mitre Plane_8
Mathieson Mitre Plane_9
Mathieson Mitre Plane_10

I haven’t popped any of the woodwork on this plane, and don’t intend doing so, particularly, but a reader of the blog, Paul Blanche, sent me a picture of the likely construction of the front bun, (below).
Mathieson_front bun

Mathieson Planes

Mathieson Bridle Planes

If you hunt for the older generation of tools from quality makers, as I do, you’ll know how excited I am to have found these yesterday. A Mathieson Sash Fillister (No.14) and Mathieson Plough Plane (No.12). If anyone has a suitable (grooved set) of Mathieson plough plane blades, please let me know, I need to locate a set as the plane has none.
I’ll shoot some pics of the planes in use soon.
Mathieson Bridle Planes_1
Mathieson Bridle Planes_2
Mathieson Bridle Planes_3
Mathieson Bridle Planes_4
Mathieson Bridle Planes_5
Mathieson Bridle Planes_6
Mathieson Bridle Planes_7