Get Andy turning again!

If you use Twitter, you may already have seen the awful outcome of an electrical fire at the workshop of @AndyWoodturner, (Andy Coates).
The pictures below show some of the damage sustained on the 20th December.
Andy is a highly regarded craftsman and also serves as Chairman of the Association of Woodturners of Great Britain.
In these pressing times when simply everything seems to be bad news, I would like to forward a link for a page where you can donate a little money if you wish, to help Andy restore his shop and get back to the craft he loves. Please give a little if you can, (maybe hold off that expensive cappuccino for one day?) and give Andy a boost before Christmas.
The JustGiving page has been set up by Siobhan Hoffman and is here.

John Moseley & Sons

Moseley & Simpson?

One of the most-read posts on Hackney Tools is about the life of tool maker John Moseley.
A reader of the blog got in touch recently about a pair of mortice chisels he had been given and the name stamp in ‘Moseley & Simpson’. I wondered if anyone might know more about this partnership, as I don’t unfortunately.
If you have any info, please post it here in the comments section, it would be interesting to know when and where Mr.Simpson got involved.


Plenty more in it!

The old fella I bought a box full of tools from the other day certainly got his money’s worth from this Norris blade. I think I might end up cutting it into two and making a couple of nice little 1″ blades for some small scrapers, but for now it’s a nice reminder to use materials wisely!