Walke Moore

Walke Moore router plane unboxing…

Back in March I put up a post about the Walke Moore router plane, a great-looking tool based on the scarce Preston 2500p.
Walke Moore Router Plane Unboxing
Bill Schenher over on Billy’s Little Bench has got one and has put up a video of the unboxing. It’s a nice plane with similar features to the Preston and the build quality looks excellent.

Update: If you read Ralph Boumenot’s excellent (almost daily) blog, ‘The Accidental Woodworker‘ you will see he has purchased one of these planes and goes into more detail on the pros and cons. What I love about Ralph and his blog is that he gets right down into the nitty-gritty of whether something is a good design, or not. As you can read, he has some reservations on the depth stop and the fact it conches down on the thread.

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