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The Brits!

Richard Arnold
Richard Maguire & Shane Skelton
Bill Carter
There are some really lovely videos over on Jimi Hendricks’ Youtube channel from Richard Arnold’s charity sale day this year. The videos feature, amongst others, Richard Arnold showing us some plough plane technique, Shane Skelton with his new panel plane (being checked out by Richard Maguire of ‘The English Woodworker‘ fame). There’s also another video where the excellent platemaker Bill Carter shows his favourite plane and one of his most-used tools. Newcomer Ollie Sparks pops up in one of the videos also, definitely a very talented maker to watch for now and the future. A great set of videos showing lots of British tool talent!

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Hi Gary,
Fascinating stuff – and very interesting to hear Shane Skelton’s opinion as to the purpose of the nib on traditional handsaws – see: (about 8 minutes in – but worth watching it all as he goes into much detail about how he makes the saw).
Hope the house renovation is nearing completion. All the best – Richard C

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