Getting there…

work on house
The work on the house renovation continues and this morning I had to strip off a ceiling. The old plaster and lath had had it’s day, (well, it was over 130 years old) and was sagging in quite a few places. As the plasterers have been in skimming the walls, it made no sense to skim over something with dodgy foundations. So down it came and ten bags of rubble later, I’m ready to get it boarded over and skimmed.
I spent a while stripping the ceiling, because I wanted to retain the original cornice, so I had to part the ceiling from the edges, before swiping the main part off with a shovel.
A very dirty day, but still some progress. Once these two rooms are skimmed I can get on with the kitchen renovation and once that’s done, it’s really just painting and making storage units.
Onward and upward.

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