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Some new stock

I’ve been pretty busy here with house purchases, holidays and the day job, but slowly getting back to tool-pickups and selling. I’ve had some interesting tools coming through the doors just recently, so will be posting a few as I get them cleaned up. My web guy continues to employ the undercover skills of a special agent, so for the time being the completion of my sales page on the website remains a dream.
The first nice plane this week is a lovely skewed rebate with two depth stops, made by the French firm, ‘Aux Mines de Suede‘. It has nice sharp irons, one of which is a nicker held in by a supplementary small wedge. The wood used by this firm for their planes is a very dense, heavy wood, which keep an excellent profile. I believe it’s Cormier wood? I’d also call this a badger plane if it had a rear handle and no depth stop, but not sure whether that applies to this configuration. As ever, I welcome your input, dear readers.


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Hi Gary,
To my eye that’s a very nice skew rebate plane you have there.
The material is interesting as the wood is not used in the UK, probably because the tree it comes from is exceeding rare here – although rather more common in Europe. (Cormier = Sorbus domestica, a.k.a the True Service Tree)
All the best – Richard C

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