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Norris 6G update

No, not more news about a new mobile phone service, but I now have some pics of another Norris 6G, courtesy of Darryl Hutchinson at Classic Planes. Darryl’s pictures are below and I think you will agree my own plane hardly differs. Compare the pictures below, good to see another one in the wild.
Norris 6G Plane_1
Darryl’s plane
Norris or not_1
My plane
Norris 6G Plane_2
Darryl’s plane
Norris or not_5
My plane
Norris 6G Plane_3Darryl’s plane
Norris or not_2
My plane
Norris 6G Plane_4
Darryls plane
Norris or not_3
The only noticeable thing being the lack of screw under the handle. (As Paul Blanche pointed out in the comments on the page, these planes sometimes came without.)
So, yes, I’m naming this a rare Norris 6G.

(Update 27.02.2016)
A reader has kindly sent me some pictures of his own Norris 6 plane. It has the same very long horn on the tote and also no screw under the handle. it certainly makes me feel better about my own plane being completely original. Here are the pics from the kindly reader.
Norris No.6_1
Norris No.6_2
Norris No.6_3
Norris No.6_4
Norris No.6_5

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