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Home made shooting jig

Another craftsman-made design from Colin Sullivan, this time a nice modification that makes a standard S/S plane into a much more useable shooting plane, much like the Record T5, but perhaps with a better handle. Colin writes:

The main weakness with an ordinary shoot board is the way the plane can easily be tipped over and spoil the stop. To overcome this I have given the plane a sliding track section it fits into. Now the plane can be pulled and pushed with out the need to hold it up against the work. The sliding section is 3mm thick ply profiled to fit the plane and fixed to another piece of the same ply underneath. The lower piece of ply runs in two guides. The plane I use is a no.6.5 which is quite heavy giving the momentum required. To make things easier I have added a vertical handle to the plane, which is simply attached by a peg that fits in the curve of the plane handle. Another refinement would be to make the guide runner thick enough to take a couple of thin magnets to hold down the plane even more securely. This jig is not only simple to make but easy to use and more reliable than the normal one. The Tools and Trades History Society has a wonderful tool Museum at Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre where I can demonstrate various tools and jigs I have made. I have a working drawing of this jig I will pass onto any one who wants to make one.

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This is a great shooting jig .Colin sent me the working drawings. I only had

3mm and 6mm ply so I adapted it a bit ,added the rare earth magnets to hold

the plane more securely and now have a superior shooting jig.I had

previously made two others, the Paul Sellars board which is good and a

sloping one to give an angled cut. Colin’s board is better. It allows you to

comfortably use a fairly hefty plane with the extra handle without performing

any scarring surgery on your plane, because we all love our planes don’t we.

I used a bolt and wing nut to fix the handle block as I couldn’t easily do Colin’s

nice wooden screw. All in all very pleasing You’ve been told ,now don’t shoot

the messenger.


I was wondering if you could share the drawings of the shooting jig and perhaps a picture of the bottom side of the extra handle actually installed on the 6 1/2, not really sure how the peg holds it in place. Thanks Pat

I have always wanted a specialist shooting plane. This looks fantastic, I would like to make one so would like a copy of the drawing please as I am not too clear on how the added tote is supported.

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