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The Skottbenk

I found this wonderful post about the ‘skottbenk’ over on Roald Renmaelmo’s website the other day. The skottbenk is an almost forgotten type
of Norwegian bench, (actually, it’s more a massive ‘sticking board‘ with two large ‘Moxon-vice’ type boards that clamp the long stuff and hold it vertically. It’s essentially a standalone version of having your long board clamped against the apron of your Nicholson bench.
The difference is, that with a custom bench plane called a ‘skottokse’, you can raise the board to a depth you know will be shot once the plane reaches its set depth. The plane has a rebated iron, with deeper sides which work as depth stops, just the same as your moulding plane bottoms out when finishing those ovolo’s.
It all makes a lot of sense in the video, and for those struggling with perfecting their form with a Stanley No.7, or unable to afford (or want) a machine jointer, it’s food for thought!

Addition: I asked Roald about where I could buy the ‘skottokse’, the planes with a rebated central slot and he kindly pointed me to a very nice tutorial on making one yourself.

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