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Disston ’76’ Centennial Skew Back Saw

Sold to a fellow in the summer, but he decided he didn’t want it, so I bought it back! Stunning rare saw, 28″ long, skew back with 4 t.p.i. Needs a clean and a sharpen. Nothing will be safe with this bad boy on the loose.

Disston '76' Centennial Skewback Saw_1
Disston '76' Centennial Skewback Saw_2
Disston '76' Centennial Skewback Saw_3
Disston '76' Centennial Skewback Saw_4

See The ‘Disstonian Insititute‘ for full info.

Introduced in 1876, the Disston No. 76 “Centennial” handsaw was a hybrid of the No. 7 and a brand new model, the D-8. The D-8 or No. 80 “Choice” — as it was labeled for a time, featured a “skew” back and an applewood handle. The No. 76 took some of its features from the unique D-8 model, but retained the feel of the older designs with a handle that keeps the user’s hand farther from the blade. It has the shape of the handle used on No. 7 saws that were 28″ and longer, with the smooth cut-out on the top for more comfortable two-handed use. The No. 76 was sold until about 1920. It’s not nearly so commonly found as the No. 7, D-8, or even the No. 12 models.

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Hi Robert,
I would suggest looking at Paul Sellers’ blog, or Matt Cianci, or similar. The best tutorial (link) I have found is from Mark Harrell at Bad Axe Saws. He covers not only the cleaning of the plate, but restoration of the whole saw. Bad Axe saws are quite excellent.

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