Mathieson Planes

Mathieson Bridle Planes

If you hunt for the older generation of tools from quality makers, as I do, you’ll know how excited I am to have found these yesterday. A Mathieson Sash Fillister (No.14) and Mathieson Plough Plane (No.12). If anyone has a suitable (grooved set) of Mathieson plough plane blades, please let me know, I need to locate a set as the plane has none.
I’ll shoot some pics of the planes in use soon.
Mathieson Bridle Planes_1
Mathieson Bridle Planes_2
Mathieson Bridle Planes_3
Mathieson Bridle Planes_4
Mathieson Bridle Planes_5
Mathieson Bridle Planes_6
Mathieson Bridle Planes_7

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these planes are of display value, what a pair there cannot of been many made well worth putting on the mantle piece

think you should move the wedding photo to coffee table and display these 🙂

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