Anyone know what this is?

This cute little Chesterman (No.539) gauge is on eBay at the moment and I wondered what it was for? Not woodworking I guess. More of an engineering thing? Please post your thoughts if you know. Thanks.
Chesterman No.539_2
Chesterman No.539 _1
Chesterman No,539_4
Chesterman No.539_3

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It is for measuring a gap. Starrett made one that is hinged off a six inch scale.
It only gives a rough measurment.

Gary, as promised, here’s a listing from the 1935 Buck and Hickman catalogue. I guess the description means that you can set your calipers to the size of a part you want to measure, then sllide them up the wedge, noting the dimension where they fit snugly. For more detail than that, you need a proper engineer!


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