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The Boxing Tournament!

Have you got a moving fillister, boxed moulder, or another plane with more insanely complex boxing than this?! How did craftsmen even manage to do this? Seriously, if you know the procedure please do let me know, or point me to a link.
In the meantime, I announce the start of the Hackney Tools ‘Boxing Tournament’. Got a better one? Send me a pic.


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If we imagine that originally connected two wood bars and then was made of wood planer, it’s a little easier task.
But given the complexity of the profile and the technology of the time – it’s really fantastic.
You have the answer?

Gary, the answer is (of course!) that those dovetailed grooves were made with planes – very specialist, planemaker’s planes.
Fortunately, there is a series of articles from 1898 by W J Armour, who worked for Moseley before setting up on his own account which describe hand plane making, including boxing like yours.

Article IV covers making sash fillisters which also show this wonderful elaborate boxing and it’s available to read on line here

I recommend these articles strongly – there is a lot of practical information packed into a very few words.

The subject is also covered in “The Wooden Plane” by John Whelan pp 365-7 and in Salaman’s “Dictionary of Woodworking Tools” pp 377-8,

Andy, what a superb link. Thank you so much for that. I’m sure many others will find it interesting too.

Gary, looking again at the Whelan book, he shows an example like yours, saying that it was from a sash fillister by Greenslade of Bristol and that it would have needed even more planes to make it than the set of nine described by Armour. I think you may have already won your own tournament!
Is your plane by Greenslades?

Not sure. It’s currently under the administration of the venerable institution known as the ‘Royal Mail’, the princely sum of fourteen pounds having been paid for it’s purchase. I think I will indeed win the tournament however, my gauntlet not having been picked up by anyone else in the world, haha. When/if it arrives, I’ll inspect it’s hind quarters for branding.

I have a plane with the same boxing it too is a fillester plane, no makers mark just stamped with the usual previous owners. G.GREEN
The knicker isn’t wedged into place like most I’ve seen it’s just inserted into a tapered slot behind the depth stop, the depth stop even has a channel for the knicker to pass through.


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