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Laying a parquet floor (Part Seven)

The family are away on a break this week, so that means I can empty the kitchen of all furniture, sand the floor and add a finish. Most of the kitchen units are now in the garden, wrapped in tarpaulins.
I’ve got three free days to spend on fixing up the most noticeable gaps in the floor. I’m not going to bother filling them all. It’s an old house, I’ll call the smaller ones ‘character’! 😉
The big sanding day will happen on Wednesday, when the floor will hopefully be transformed into something that actually looks quite nice.
All I do to fill the gaps is cut strips (usually about 1/8″, sometimes thinner), from a couple of blocks. It’s actually very good practice with a hand saw cutting these strips, my sawing technique has come on in leaps and bounds. Who needs veneer saw, I can cut straight all day now…

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