Gotta get ’em all…

Woodworker Series Evans Publishing
I collect these little books. They were published by Evans Brothers in the 50’s and 60’s. A great set of books, edited by Hayward and others. The Woodworker Handbooks series covers a lot of ground.
Thing is, I’m missing a few, so thought I may as well put the word out and see if anyone has the last ones languishing in their cupboards as I would like to complete the set.
Before you get too excited, these are pretty common, (so don’t book a holiday just yet). I have paid 8UKP for one or two, but in general pay around 5UKP. (I’ve bagged a few on eBay for 99p).
If you have any of the below, please let me know and I can put this current obsession to bed.

Missing ones are:
Timbers for Woodwork
Practical Upholstery
Garden Woodwork
Practical Woodwork
English Period Furniture

*They all need to be in the same series style of the ones shown, ie, the black-banded covers. Good condition please. Wear is ok, tears aren’t.

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I’m doing something similar trying to find #1st editions of all of Charles H Haywards books, but everytime I think I’ve found them all, POOF there’s another book.

Also forgot to mention, but did you know those are not the “original” Woodworker Series by Evans – the orignal series was from the 1920s/1930s and done by William Fairham.

Yep, I’ve got a copy of Fairham’s ‘Woodwork Joints’. I like these reprints though, dunno, maybe it’s the cover design!

Have a copy of Garden Woodwork edited by Charles H Hayward and published by Evans Brothers in 1961.

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