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‘Millers Falls No.14’ clean-up

A quick clean up of a great plane, with some ‘before and after’ shots. I love the Millers Falls brand, with many a plane passing through Hackney Tools Towers. Mostly, I’ve regretted selling them on, and if I find any more in good condition, I’ll probably hang onto them.
One recent acquisition was a rather sorry-looking ‘No.14’, I think a Type 2 from 1936-45, with what looks like the stained handles, rather than solid rosewood.
[notice]Tool Nerd Alert! I might be wrong on this, it does have the 1868 date inside the cutter logo, but I know this was brought back for a while on the Type 4?[/notice]

I did a fairly normal clean-up on this plane, which only took about an hour. I’m really pleased with the results and I know I’ll end up using this one. I’m also very pleased I got to the plane before the rust was irreversible, as it was, it cleaned off, but I think it only had a few more months in that shed!

Before and after shots:

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I’m looking for 3 paring chisels of assorted sizes to give as a Christmas present – do you have anything? They wouldn’t have to be a set.

Penny Thexton

Hi, thanks. I tend to go over woodwork with the finest steel wool ’00’ grade, to
get rid of gunk and paint splashes, etc. That takes off the dirt, but keeps the
patina. Then I rub in some Mylands wax which is the closest colour to the wood.
Then buff up when dry, after about ten minutes.

Looks great… I have a similar one. What do you use to clean up the metal parts? Thanks!

Hi, on tricky bits I use Hammerite Rust Gel, (if there’s rust), then gently rub off with ’00’-Grade steel wool. On flat surfaces you can use the finest grade wet and dry, but keep it lubricated with oil and you get a finish which isn’t scratched.

I would say type 3. Beech handles combined with y-lever made of pressed steel is typical for this type. Still it is one really good hand plane. All the way up to type four the planes were fitted with solid frogs and hinged lever caps at the same time being very well made. I say keep the ones you find.

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