Steel bodied jack plane

steel jack plane 01
I sold this plane yesterday. A very good steel-bodied jack plane with rosewood infills. What I liked about the plane were the hybrid materials used, something you don’t see that often on a plane this size. What with no makers names, I did a bit of research, but I think it was craftsman-made. David Barron suggested the craftsman would probably have purchased the unfinished steel body, then would have made his own infills.
David also suggested the marriage of materials isn’t a particularly successful one, as setting a wooden wedge inside a steel body wears the wedge over time. At the moment however, all appears tight and the plane works very well.
This will soon be winging it’s way off to another gentleman’s workshop.

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As the new custodian of this plane, what attracted me to it was that it is rather a one-off. The R Melhuish & Son blade suggests that it may have been made in London. I look forward to setting it to work.

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