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CASS College dates

And so, we have a drawer! I checked the drawer for squareness, using a rule across the diagonals, and they measure the same. Things should be square and the drawer should fit. The rear of the cabinet has it's top rounded over, the traditional way to finish this. I'm still not sure why this is. By the way, the rear and sides of the drawer are oak, which is nice and strong in these relatively thin pieces and it gives a nice contrast to the dark walnut on the lapped dovetail joints at the front.
The CASS College have announced new dates for several of their short courses, including dates for the Intermediate Furniture Making Course I did last summer. (Disclaimer: The big top pic on the CASS college page is a photograph of me, paring a tenon!)
I thoroughly recommend the CASS if you can get to east London’s ‘London Metropolitan University’. Kate Payne, the tutor, is an excellent and patient teacher and certainly knows her stuff. I’d like to follow up with an advanced furniture course this year, but unfortunately don’t have the same flexibility with time.

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