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R.Melhuish bench for sale

Even I take a break sometimes from talking about old tools and perusing woodworking manuals, and if, like me, you enjoy watching Drew Pritchard’s ‘Salvage Hunters’ on the Quest channel, you might like this piece he’s just listed.

Melhuish bench 1
Melhuish bench 2
Melhuish bench 4

It’s a lovely carving and joiner’s work cabinet, by our old friend Richard Melhuish, formerly of Fetter Lane, EC4, London.

Item listing reads:

An exceptionally original carving and joiners’ work cabinet.
An early compact multi-functional carpenter’s cabinet with two side cabinets, brass bat wing handles to six drawers, lid to reveal working bench and removable vice.
British made with makers mark and patent “RD Melhuish & Sons Fetter Lane London EC” “Patent No 735”
CIRCA 1910-20.

Price is listed as £1,895, and god, do I wish I had some space in my small house.

(Addition: Toolerama Press have catalogue pics, showing how it would have looked with new, shiny tools.)

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these go for the 2 grand mark Gaz, fancy one myself all polished up as a piece of furniture, was offered one 5 years ago but had to much damage for my likeing

I have just finish polishing the bat wing handles on my cabinet and it is in very nice condition throughout, unfortunately my wife now wants to keep it

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