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Cox & Luckman

Cox & Luckman Hollow and Round half-set
Cox & Luckman began making planes on Darwin St in Birmingham in 1839. In 1876, however, the firm became known as Cox, Luckman, & Son. The company was a well-known manufacturer of planes and tools , but also of fire-iron and fenders. From 1855 they are also listed as producing weighing machines and bedsteads.

According to the Furniture Gazette published March 10, 1883:

The firm of Cox, Luckman, & Son, Birmingham, fire-iron manufacturers has become dissolved by the retirement of Mr. George Luckman. The business will however be continued…. and the style of the firm will be Cox, Luckman, & Sons”.

Cox & Luckman Hollow and Round half-set
Cox & Luckman Hollow and Round half-set
I was recently offered a complete half-set of hollow and round planes, stamped with the former name, ‘Cox & Luckman’, dating these planes between 1839-1876, which is a pretty wide spread. I’d love to know a bit more detail about this firm if anyone has access to more details, ideally narrowing the date when these planes might have been made. The planes are in excellent condition, coming from a carpenter’s workshop and having been stored in dry conditions. Great to find a complete half-set from another renowned Birmingham maker, they are as good, if not better, than the Routledge set I found.

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looking for info on cox & luckman very helpful thank you .I have a pair tongue and groove planes and trying to set a value on them, joe.

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