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Aug 27

A gap in the clouds

Almost continual rain in London yesterday, but a moment’s clear sky allowed me twenty minutes to do a bit of work. A quick rebate for a floor edge I need to finish on a step in the house. A groove with my Record 044, then the waste hogged out …

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Mar 23

New Work, Old Tools

The weekend comes round again and ‘dad jobs’ raise their ugly head. This weekend, finishing a small bathroom cabinet I’ve thrown together in a bit of a rush, before relatives arrive next week. And to be honest, I’ve thrown it together so quickly, my idea for little sliding doors just isn’t working out. I reckoned …

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Jun 24

Meet the Baileys (Part 2)

Stanley Bailey No.7

Some shots and words about the Stanley Bailey No.7 Jointer plane. A mention of the beauty of repairs, and a stab at typing the manufacturing date.

Jun 24

Meet the Baileys (Part 1)

Stanley Bailey No.4

The Stanley ‘Bailey’ No.4 smoothing plane.

Jun 14

Stanley #48 restoration

Saving a Stanley #48 from the junkyard, with a bit of TLC (and a bit of rust remover).