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May 12

The Boxing Tournament!

Have you got a moving fillister, boxed moulder, or another plane with more insanely complex boxing than this?! How did craftsmen even manage to do this? Seriously, if you know the procedure please do let me know, or point me to a link. In the meantime, I announce the start of the Hackney Tools ‘Boxing …

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Jul 01

寄木細工職人、本間 昇さんとヅクを作る。


May 21

Finally found a Norris

A recent tool hunt turned up an early Norris ‘5’, with lovely rosewood infills. I found a proper Norris iron too, so I’ll have to swap that and give this plane a try. For many, the work of the London firm Norris represents the height of planemaking, and even in their day …

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May 15

Les Outils De Bois (Wooden Tools)

I recently found this amazing movie, which I thought I should share. (I wish I could save it, in case in disappears. However, as with most things on the internet, I’ll just have to link and hope someone has future-proofed it). Here is also a link to some …

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Apr 28

Cox & Luckman

Cox & Luckman Hollow and Round half-set

Cox & Luckman began making planes on Darwin St in Birmingham in 1839. In 1876, however, the firm became known as Cox, Luckman, & Son. The company was a well-known manufacturer of planes and tools , but also of fire-iron and fenders. From 1855 they are also listed as producing weighing machines …

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