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Jan 29

Calling from the graveyard…

…yes, a Stanley No.9 Cabinet Makers plane, sans ‘hot dog’ handle for now. I’ve not yet had the chance to empty all these more boxes to confirm it’s gone awol for sure. The pics I have so far don’t fill me with promise, but I’ve worked miracles on planes not far off …

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Feb 10

John Moseley ‘bead cluster’ plane

Very pleased to have sourced this rare plane. Now I finally have it in my hand, it’s very interesting indeed. It’s a ‘bead cluster’, or ‘cluster bead’, depending on who you’re talking to. The iron cuts a series of stepped rounds, piled on …

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Jun 24

Meet the Baileys (Part 2)

Stanley Bailey No.7

Some shots and words about the Stanley Bailey No.7 Jointer plane. A mention of the beauty of repairs, and a stab at typing the manufacturing date.

Jun 14

Stanley #48 restoration

Saving a Stanley #48 from the junkyard, with a bit of TLC (and a bit of rust remover).