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Feb 12

‘The Arts of Mitring & Coping’ – Owen B. Maginnis

A free pdf for all you readers who might want it. I’ve found this fascinating reading since I found it online. To quote the title page: A complete treatise on the proper modern methods to apply practically in joining mouldings. A book for working carpenters, joiners, cabinet makers, picture frame makers and …

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Jun 19

Circular restoration work on Høvelbenk blog

The wonderful Høvelbenk blog is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. Having recently found a Stanley No.20 circular plane, I’m keen to see a few in action and learn a bit more about what it can do. The latest post on Høvelbenk seems to be concerned with the …

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Jul 22

‘Mouldings in Practice’ by Matthew Bickford

Really looking forward to the forthcoming book from Lost Art Press, ‘Mouldings in Practice’ from the U.S planemaker, Matthew Sheldon Bickford. If you’re in the UK, not the US, like myself, you can order this book from Classic Hand Tools.