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Aug 08

Copley? Anyone?

I’m wondering if I can find out a little more about Copley of London? I have one of his saws in a pile here, but know very little of him. If anyone has more info I’d be delighted to publish it. I now get a lot …

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Dec 21

Help with a name?

Can anyone please help me find out what this glorious-looking tool shop is on the right hand side of this picture? The picture was originally posted by @joeflanagan1 on Twitter. He posts some really beautiful pictures from 19thc London. The picture is from around 1890, and it shows a few …

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May 21

Finally found a Norris

A recent tool hunt turned up an early Norris ‘5’, with lovely rosewood infills. I found a proper Norris iron too, so I’ll have to swap that and give this plane a try. For many, the work of the London firm Norris represents the height of planemaking, and even in their day …

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Mar 20

Trade Cards

One of the things that turned up online, when I was researching John Moseley for one of my previous posts, was his trade card. Trade cards were small cards, similar to visiting cards, that businesses would hand out to potential customers and also existing clients. They were …

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Mar 14

Christopher Gabriel – Planemaker (1746-1809)

Another name that comes up frequently in tool sales is, of course, Christopher Gabriel. For those wishing to read in detail about the planemaker, I can do no better than refer to the excellent book, Christopher Gabriel and the Tool Trade in 18th Century London by Jane and Mark Rees. …

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