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Mar 26

Home made shooting jig

Another craftsman-made design from Colin Sullivan, this time a nice modification that makes a standard S/S plane into a much more useable shooting plane, much like the Record T5, but perhaps with a better handle. Colin writes: The main weakness with an ordinary shoot board is the way the plane …

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Feb 25

How to fit a Record vice

Last year I had a rush of Record 52 1/2 vices for sale and they all went in a week. It’s testament to how wonderful these quick release vices are. if you find a good one, keep it, I kept two from the batch for my own future workshop! I’ve lost count of how many …

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Aug 27

A gap in the clouds

Almost continual rain in London yesterday, but a moment’s clear sky allowed me twenty minutes to do a bit of work. A quick rebate for a floor edge I need to finish on a step in the house. A groove with my Record 044, then the waste hogged out …

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Jun 13

Vintage Record Vices For Sale

I’ve just picked up fourteen superb Record 52 1/2 vices. On the For Sale page now. They are quick release, (so you can slide the cheek in and out without lots of turning), then tighten them up. Most of them also have a hole on the top face for a …

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Mar 03

Record Sash Cramps

I’ve just loaded up one of the ‘Tools For Sale‘ pages with a nice batch of Record Sash Cramps. All in very good condition, priced to sell quickly. **ALL NOW SOLD- SORRY!

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