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Dec 06

‘Millers Falls No.14’ clean-up

A quick clean up of a great plane, with some ‘before and after’ shots. I love the Millers Falls brand, with many a plane passing through Hackney Tools Towers. Mostly, I’ve regretted selling them on, and if I find any more in good condition, I’ll probably hang onto them. One recent acquisition …

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Dec 01

College course: Day 8

Millers Falls No.18 bench plane

Feels like time is fast running out to get this little cabinet up and on it’s legs, but hopefully it will be standing by next week. I did quite a bit on the connecting rails this week, to join one side panel to the other, but spent the rest of the time smoothing the panels …

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Jun 17

In praise of the hand drill


The Millers Falls ‘Eggbeater’ 2-B hand drill. Followed by a brief, misty-eyed, emotional outpouring about hand tools, life and everything. The latter will become a familiar theme to the one reader of this blog.