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Aug 11

The Brits!

There are some really lovely videos over on Jimi Hendricks’ Youtube channel from Richard Arnold’s charity sale day this year. The videos feature, amongst others, Richard Arnold showing us some plough plane technique, Shane Skelton with his new panel plane (being checked …

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Jun 25

How to use a sash dowelling box

The glazing bar dowel joint quickly became superseded by the mitred joint. However, the joint itself (and the use of a sash dowelling box to make it) is of some interest to me. It’s actually very simple, as Richard Arnold showed me.

Jun 20

Richard Arnold’s glazing bars

When I have a bit of downtime, I sometimes log into my ‘webstats’, so see which posts (if any!) are considered to be popular on my blog. Always in the top of the league was a rather ‘cobbled-together’ post about making sash and using ‘templets’ for …

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Jun 09

Richard Arnold Open Day

Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting the workshop of Richard Arnold. I’ve long been a fan of Richard’s work as a joiner working in the traditional technique, especially as I knew he had a love of vintage hand tools. The open day was a chance to purchase some tools brought along by others, and …

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