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Jun 26

East End Canal Heritage

In the relatively short time I’ve lived in Hackney myself, I’ve seen a radical shift in the use of the canals in the area. For one, more and more people are living on them, with the costs of a barge and berthing being preferable to living in a minute flat with sky-high …

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Aug 22

Jim Hendricks

You may have seen Jim’s name pop up sporadically when Wictor Kuc, (the owner of the website WK Fine Tools), announces a new post from him via Twitter. I think Jim must have some arrangement with Wiktor as a regular contributor. That is a very good thing, if like me, …

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Jun 19

Circular restoration work on Høvelbenk blog

The wonderful Høvelbenk blog is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. Having recently found a Stanley No.20 circular plane, I’m keen to see a few in action and learn a bit more about what it can do. The latest post on Høvelbenk seems to be concerned with the …

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Dec 27

‘Guitardes’ – Beautiful French Dormers

This link is well worth a visit if you are interested in historical joinery. French ‘Guitardes’ from the website of Patrick Moore, a Master Carpenter of the Compagnons.

Dec 02

Thomas Cubitt

Several older joiners and cabinet makers I have met over the years have mentioned ‘Cubitts’, part of which was based at Grays Inn Road in London. After a few enquiries on the internet a gentleman named Tom Broughton, of (the presumably unrelated) Cubitts spectacle sellers sent me some photos he had sourced from …

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