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Aug 08

Copley? Anyone?

I’m wondering if I can find out a little more about Copley of London? I have one of his saws in a pile here, but know very little of him. If anyone has more info I’d be delighted to publish it. I now get a lot …

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Feb 22

R.Groves & Sons

Established in 1770 I believe, Richard Groves & Sons was a thoroughbred Sheffield steel refiner and producer of edge tools. (I mainly hunt for their wonderful saws, one of which is pictured above). Steadfast to their old localities in Snow hill are Richard Groves & Sons, perhaps the oldest saw manufacturers in …

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Jan 14

Where’s Waller?

This saw turned up in a recent pile I bought. It’s a mitre saw by ‘Waller’ but I’ve so far been unable to find out much about the company. There’s a conversation on about ‘Waller & Co’, but straight Waller saws remain an …

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Jun 18

Drabble & Sanderson (Sheffield, UK)

D&S dovetail saw

One of the things I’d like to explore with this blog, as well as showing individual hand tools, is to to give an insight into some the British manufacturers responsible for making them.   I found this ‘Drabble and Sanderson’ 8″ dovetail saw on an auction site, 17ppi, and marked ‘Warranted’, ‘Sheffield’ and ‘Cast Steel’. …

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