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Feb 27

More pics of Norris 6 planes

Further to my queries about my own Norris 6G, a kindly reader has sent some pics of his own (No.6) plane, which seem to have the same characteristic details that I questioned in my plane. Thanks goes out for these pics, it’s sometimes very hard to find good photos for …

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May 17

Norris 6G update

No, not more news about a new mobile phone service, but I now have some pics of another Norris 6G, courtesy of Darryl Hutchinson at Classic Planes. Darryl’s pictures are below and I think you will agree my own plane hardly differs. Compare the pictures below, good to see another one in the …

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Apr 06

Marples X4 Smoothing Plane

Just a quick post about a Marples ‘X4’ plane I recently found. I couldn’t find a lot on the web about this plane, so hopefully this will show people some of the details of what, to me, seems like a fantastic tool.             At Hackney Tools, we buy old, good …

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Jan 20

Spiers steel-bodied smoothing plane

A fine little Spiers smoothing plane that I intend to put to work very soon. Some small areas of tarnishing and pitting, but lovely rosewood infill. This plane feels fantastic in the hand and I can’t wait to get the Marples iron sharpened and give it a go.

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