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May 14

Distinctive Norris A7

As readers of this blog will know, I do trade in collectable woodworking tools, but I don’t often get round to keeping many of them myself. I see little point in keeping tools on a shelf, when they could be being used in a workshop and appreciated in use, rather than for purely aesthetic reasons. …

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Jun 17

Another G.Miller shoulder plane (I think?)

The features of this plane lead me to believe (or hope), that this is by G.Miller, a favourite English planemaker of mine. I’m fortunate enough to already own two of his planes and the build …

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Feb 11

G.Miller shoulder planes

Quick post about two lovely shoulder planes I recently found. The maker is G.Miller, of 24 Ampton St, Grays Inn Road, London. He was active at this address between 1890 and 1914. Miller, late to plane-making, concentrated mainly on shoulder planes, but his chariot planes are also lovely, and a little rarer. …

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Jul 15

Record 042 shoulder plane

I finally scored a Record 042 shoulder plane, which came in from a seller who had seen my website.Very pleased that my home-made website actually works and buoyed with childlike enthusiasm, I thought I’d post a few pics. The Record 042 is specifically designed for cutting rebates, or ‘rabbets’. It’s also very useful for cleaning …

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