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Jun 19

Circular restoration work on Høvelbenk blog

The wonderful Høvelbenk blog is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. Having recently found a Stanley No.20 circular plane, I’m keen to see a few in action and learn a bit more about what it can do. The latest post on Høvelbenk seems to be concerned with the …

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Mar 02

That’s a big one!

Feb 28

Making your own moulding planes

Jeff Murray, a reader of the blog from Greenwood, Indiana got in touch about John Moseley moulding planes. Moseley planes are also a favourite of mine. They are very well-made 19thc planes with sharp boxing and a nice wedges. Jeff talked about using the Moseley design when he made his …

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Dec 02

More from David Nelson on sash work

One of the most madly popular downloads from my site is David Nelson’s ‘Guide to English Sash Planes’ which he sent me a couple of months ago. David has just sent me another two chapters of his book for download, ‘Sash Planes’ and ‘Sash Tools and Sticking Boards’. English Sash …

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Oct 04

‘English Sash Planes’ by David Nelson

David Nelson, a reader of the blog from the US has kindly sent me a digital copy an excellent guide he’s produced about English sash planes. You can download a pdf of the guide here (11.37mb).

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