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Feb 28

Making your own moulding planes

Jeff Murray, a reader of the blog from Greenwood, Indiana got in touch about John Moseley moulding planes. Moseley planes are also a favourite of mine. They are very well-made 19thc planes with sharp boxing and a nice wedges. Jeff talked about using the Moseley design when he made his …

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Jun 20

Richard Arnold’s glazing bars

When I have a bit of downtime, I sometimes log into my ‘webstats’, so see which posts (if any!) are considered to be popular on my blog. Always in the top of the league was a rather ‘cobbled-together’ post about making sash and using ‘templets’ for …

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Apr 28

Cox & Luckman

Cox & Luckman Hollow and Round half-set

Cox & Luckman began making planes on Darwin St in Birmingham in 1839. In 1876, however, the firm became known as Cox, Luckman, & Son. The company was a well-known manufacturer of planes and tools , but also of fire-iron and fenders. From 1855 they are also listed as producing weighing machines …

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Nov 15

30 good moulding planes

All these planes are from the tool chest of a gentleman who used to be a cabinet maker in Dorset. The planes have wonderful patination and have obviously been well-loved. NOW SOLD!

Oct 13

A day trip to Worcestershire

Routledge 'round' moulding plane

Last week I had the pleasure of going back to the Midlands, the place where I was born, to meet an excellent fellow named Robert who had some wooden planes for sale. I’ve been hunting for a nice half, or full-set of moulding planes for a while. These Routledge planes were particularly attractive to me, …

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