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Jan 19

Ladder making and more…

I’m reading this very interesting little book at the moment. The Man Who Made Things Out Of Trees, by Robert Penn. The book was given to me by a couple of former colleagues from the ‘day job’. The book is all about the Ash (Fraxinus Excelsior) and it’s multiple uses. …

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Oct 31

Ashley Iles carving chisels for sale

Twenty seven Ashley Iles carving chisels for sale as job lot. Nearly new condition, one or two loose ferrules, some tiny marks, no big deal. I can email you more pics. Selling these on eBay.

Jan 04

Sutton House, Hackney

At the end of our high street, rather in contrast to the second hand shops, estate agents and fried chicken shops, you will find Sutton House. It is a Tudor House, built in 1535 by prominent courtier of Henry VIII, Sir Ralph Sadleir. It has been home to merchants, Huguenot silkweavers, and squatters. …

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Oct 04

Where’s there’s muck…

Met a lovely old chap today. By the time I’d had a good chat and seen all his wood carvings, and talked about his family and whatever else we could think of, I felt rather obliged to buy some tools off him. It was an unpromising box, and I drove away feeling …

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Jul 05

Marples carving chisels

Some nice boxwood Marples chisels click here to read more. Good price. Please use the Contact form to get in touch, if you’d like to make an order. Now Sold!

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