Stanley #48 restoration

Saving a Stanley #48 from the junkyard, with a bit of TLC (and a bit of rust remover).

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In praise of the hand drill

The Millers Falls 'Eggbeater' 2-B hand drill. Followed by a brief, misty-eyed, emotional outpouring about hand tools, life and everything.…

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Meet the Baileys (Part 1)

The Stanley 'Bailey' No.4 smoothing plane.

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Meet the Baileys (Part 2)

Some shots and words about the Stanley Bailey No.7 Jointer plane. A mention of the beauty of repairs, and a stab at typing the…

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‘Mouldings in Practice’ by Matthew Bickford

Really looking forward to the forthcoming book from Lost Art Press, 'Mouldings in Practice' from the U.S planemaker, Matthew Sheldon…

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